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SANDBLASTER - No Shot Fillings

Due to modern techniques and equipment, many of the teeth we work on today are fixed without a drill.  If a cavity is detected early enough, we use a sand-blaster (doesn't sound very high-tech, but it is) instead of a drill to remove decayed tooth structure.  The machine uses 50 micron particle sized aluminum oxide.  This material much-more selectively removes unhealthy tooth structure than the drill, thereby leaving a much smaller hole in the tooth.  The hole is then filled with tooth-colored plastic.  The primary advantage of the sand-blaster is that no anesthetic (the shot) is necessary.  But maybe more importantly, there is less chance of the tooth fracturing years down the road.  You see, when you drill on a crystalline material, like tooth structure, you put microscopic cracks in it.  So, no drill, no anesthetic, and much less likelihood of the tooth needing a crown years down the road.

A total win-win.

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